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HOLLYWOOD - Pop superstar Justin Bieber has controversially accepted the role of notorious serial killer Ted Bundy in Rock of Ages director Adam Shankman's musical Bundy in Love.

Bieber faced stiff competition for the much sought after role from One Direction's Harry Styles and rapper Lil' Wayne but - after seeing Justin's chilling audition tape - Shankman was in no doubt that he could pull it off.

"I've watched that tape five or six times but it still sends shivers down my spine," said a horrified Shankman.
It was just him in his dressing room mumbling to himself and foaming at the mouth. Later I found out he was talking to his mother on speaker phone and eating a sherbet dip-dab but it was those cold, dead doll-like eyes of his that really struck me.
Bundy in Love will focus on Ted's early years and examine how a seemingly normal young man becomes a bloodthirsty killer but despite the macabre subject matter. Shankman insists there will be plenty of humour to balance the graphic violence.

I think people enjoy the mixture of horror and comedy,” said an overly self-assured Shankman.

At first I didn't think there was anything funny about a man who raped and killed in excess of 30 women but as soon as I started looking through a list of musical numbers. I soon realised the comedic potential was pretty endless."

As in Rock of Ages, Shankman has decided to use well known songs and he admits he had trouble getting some artists to agree to allow him to use their material.

Sting was reluctant to let us have Every Breath You Take but we offered to plant some trees and he finally gave us his blessing. Other than that we've got Motley Crue's Girls, Girls Girls, Dr Hook's version of She was only Sixteen and a bunch of other classic tracks that will get the audience's feet tapping. The stand out song for me though is Justin's version of Talking Head's Psycho Killer. It's a guaranteed No. 1 single.”

Bundy in Love is due for release in December 2013.

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