HOLLYWOOD - After much deliberation The Motion Picture Association of America has given José Padilha’s remake of 80’s sci-fi classic Robocop a PG rating.

'It was a difficult decision,' said MPPA Chairman Chris Dodd.

Originally we had it pegged as a solid G rating which basically means easily traumatized infants are allowed to watch it without being accompanied by an adult but a couple of scenes were a little too graphic for that audience. We asked the director if he would make a few minor cuts but every time we called him up all we could hear was the sound of a grown man weeping on the other end of the phone. 

Dodd confirmed the divisive scenes contain a strong disagreement between Robocop and a Florist and a gratuitous shot of Abi Cornish’s ankles.
'The Florist incident was the cause of much discussion,' said Dodd.
Basically Robocop tries to buy his wife some flowers but, forgetting he’s a cyborg, he realises he isn’t carrying any currency and attempts to exchange the Roses for a jar of baby food. The Florist refuses and Robocop pauses for a moment before exiting the shop. Everyone in the screening room cried and it was probably the most emotional scene of the decade but it was that pause we had a problem with because in those two seconds, you know that what Robocop wants to do is put a bullet in her head and take the flowers. He doesn't, but we thought the mere suggestion of it would be too much for a young audience.
As for the ankles scene everyone agreed it was just too pornographic and had to be cut. If they were attached to anybody but Abbie Cornish they would have stayed in fact we suggested reshooting the scene with some stunt ankles but as I said, we got no response.

The Studio Exec tried to contact  José Padilha but he was unavailable for comment. However his agent Rita Rock provided us with the following statement.

I am extremely proud of my work on Robocop and fully agree with the MPAA’s decision. Although the original contains scenes of extreme violence I have always thought they spoiled the movie and it would be better to make a child friendly version. I am not currently under house arrest at Columbia pictures, my phone is not being tapped and nobody has suggested I will never work in Hollywood again if I speak out against the film.
Robocop is due for release in 2014

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