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LONDON - X-Men enemies and men of the theatre Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are to be reuinted as perhaps the most famous men of the theatre, Statler and Waldorf in a spin off stand alone live action Muppet movie called Statler and Waldorf.
Following the rejuvenating popularity of The Muppets, studio heads were casting around for ideas to cash in on what has at times been a faltering franchise. The idea to place the balcony docked curmudgeons centre stage was a stroke of inspired accountancy.

Speaking from his London dockside home, McKellen said he was delighted. 
When Andrea [Arnold] approached me for the part of Waldorf at first I thought this has to be some sort of joke, or better still a dream. Come on pinch me. Is it? Well, no it isn't. It's real. And I can say that one of my greatest ambitions has been realised. After this I might well consider retirement, because it will be difficult to top. Then again Peter Jackson is planning another five films with Gandalf.   
Patrick Stewart was no less effusive. 
There comes a time in every actor's life that he goes through his little check list. Hamlet, done, Vladimir, done, Uncle Vanya, done, Dr. Xavier, done. And now has come the time to take the black marker pen and place a large tick beside Waldorf. 
But you're playing Statler?
Am I? oh. Well then, Statler, done. Ha ha.
Fishtank director Andrea Arnold is more noted for her social realism, but confessed to looking forward enormously to the project.  
All that social realism stuff's great for the festivals but 1. it really doesn't make much coin and 2. I'm bored rigid of all these bloody poor people. I need a bit of Mahna Mahna!

Statler and Waldorf will be released in December, 2014. 

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